Monday, June 23, 2014

Kitchen plans...

I am off blogs. And to some extent podcasts. It's not a preference. It's not a choice. It just is. Apparently when you commit to renovating your kitchen, all life comes to a grinding halt. You lie awake at night and worry about where the kettle will go. You rearrange budgets again and again, trying to work out a way that 50% of the cost of the renovation can go on a stove. The microwave causes you agonies of indecision and resentment towards an appliance that you feel you shouldn't need, but are sure you will find yourself missing if you just skip it. You systematically work your way through the contents of the freezer only to discover that even frozen, a shelf life is finite.
Oh, and in the midst of all of this it appears that your dog develops some sort of food allergy and for a week you are cleaning up dog poo and vomit on a daily basis. You switch him to rice, pumpkin and poached chicken and that works great, but then you appear to be making risotto for the dogs breakfast every bleeding day.
It's been fun.
I worried initially about the fact that I was too tired, too wrung out  and just too preoccupied to witter away on this here site, but after a while I came to terms with the fact that this kitchen thing and all the other 'things' that life will hurl at me, is going to take all the focus that is left after the job, the family and  self care has had its share.
I continue to knit and spin (a little) and oddly enough the deep concern  with what is about to happen to my home has left me with a need to do extra housework. There are still dust/dog bunnies but the bed is made frequently and there is much filing and sorting. And I realize that I have been talking about sorting things out for months and months now, but hey, that's my process.
Did I mention that I have had 3 pieces of tech fried in this house? My very expensive router and storage device from Apple and my iMac and my Roku. On the plus side my warranty held true and the router and iMAc are being fixed gratis. Sort of. The warranty was not free. The Roku is dead. RIP little buddy.
On the plus side I discovered that my laptop, as old as it is, has bluetooth compatibility so I can use my proper keyboard with it, and that's a pleasure. Typing is much easier with a little extra girth.

And that's what's been keeping me busy.

Oh, and the study is almost done. I have a working and highly functional desk surface now with filing space that is convenient and to hand. There is a comfy chair with a view of my tree tops and I have storage for yarn and books and leftover skeins. All in all, much better than before. And thank goodness for that because apparently one needs to be organized when renovating a kitchen. Receipts and all that…


SJ said...

You have my sympathies. We redid our kitchen when I was pregnant and our bathroom when I had an infant. I wouldn't recommend those experiences. I can, however, tell you that life will improve dramatically once your house is back in working order. I hope that's soon for you!

Geraldine Kiser said...

I am astounded at the amount of dust renovations seem to generate! Every surface, high and low, seems to be coated with it!!

Just keep a mental image in the forefront of your mind of your finished kitchen. 8^)

Connie said...

We are contemplating pushing up to make a small second-story on our house, plus a little bathroom up there too, ala Heidi.
But they said we would have to move out for six months. I look around my house and all the stuff and think impossible…

Are you closer to your goal now?