Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Flood.

Well, just as things were getting back to normal, Sunday before last happened. I woke up feeling dreadful. I had a bad stomach bug with a fever and 2 hours after that my house flooded.
A blocked sewage pipe (no, it wasn't me!) caused sewage to back up into my house. There was panic and chaos when I couldn't figure out how to stop the water (in-between vomiting) and finally the plumbers arrived. Six hours later they left only to return again 2 days later for another 6 hours. I spent most of that time huddled under a blanket, shivering and running to and from the bathroom. My sister and a good friend delivered Gatorade and ginger ale and clean towels to my front door.
Those 48 hours were not improved by the dishwasher being blocked by a faulty garbage disposal installation and subsequent mould infestation in the dishwasher.
Almost a week later my downstairs bathroom is gutted, my hardwood floors are removed and there are 3 enormous fans in my house that will be here for the next few days and are very noisy.
It's been a crazy week.

I feel better but not back to normal.

My house feels battle scarred and damaged.

It's the 'first world problem' scenario. I have a home and food and employment. There is no need to complain. But the noise and mess and potential cost do niggle at my anxiety prone self.
But I am confident that all will will be fine.  Eventually.
The noise from the fans and the big green machines is challenging. It makes me want to hide in the bedroom with the door closed. A bit like what the cats do when the vacuum cleaner is switched on. Luckily they don't endure that pain all that often…

I'm also trying to clean out the study and get things organized. Since the double vacation earlier in the year as well as the hardwood floor refinishing upstairs, everything has been chaos in that room. My financial documents and receipts and all things important are stuffed into a suitcase, medical journals are piling up in the bathroom and I have work that I want to start on, but because the study has been a giant mess, I've avoided it and I see myself with deadlines looming and still nothing started. It's time to face the mess and get going on putting things back together. There's nothing I can do about the downstairs disaster, but I have control of the upstairs and I've been channeling my energy into that.

I dutifully measured the study dimensions and took note of what furniture needed to go, what needed to stay. I went to IKEA and chose a simple work surface, and 3 storage units. Lugging some of those flat packed items up the stairs took simply ages. Two of the units I had to open in the kitchen and carry piece by piece up the stairs. I'm still pretty wiped out after that GI bug and hoisting heavy items onto my back and doing cardio is beyond me.
There is more storage needed but I want to  first get a feel for how I use these initial items before I invest more time and money.  I have also worked hard at sorting through and moving out old magazines and throwing away things like plastic bags and other 'useful' items that I have yet to find useful. My hoardery self is proud.

The picture above is after I had already sorted through piles of books and magazines.  I'm hoping that as it comes together, I can show you an 'after' picture. Something I can be proud of. Somewhere I can work!

Crafting? I have some simple projects on the go. My brain cannot deal with complexity right now.
Have I shared my Lintilla? It's a design by Martina Behm  and I am knitting it in Wollmeise, the Pure base in colourway Saami. It's delightfully soothing.
There is also a baby sweater, a sweater for me and a babillion plans.


Abby said...

I am so sorry you've been ill and so sorry that at the same time, you've had such awful home-related issues. Hope you regain your strength very soon and that your home will feel like home again and be even better than it was before all this happened.

SJ said...

You poor thing. I would be stressed/wiped out by either one of those things; I'm not sure I would survive them both together. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better, and I hope the house is back to normal soon. I suppose it's a bit of a blessing that you still have livable space so that you can fully recuperate. Take care of yourself!

Michiele said...

I am so sorry you have had to deal with feeling rough and home destruction at the same time! Good thoughts sent your way!

Amanda said...

I followed your sad story on fb, but seeing the pictures and getting the (gory) details...poor Samantha. That sounds miserable.

Good that you had support.

Go you on the progress in your workroom.