Thursday, May 1, 2014

I broke my rules...

I have finished a pair of socks. There is nothing earth shattering about this news but it has been ages since I have finished a pair of socks. (August 2013 if you must know.)
There always seems to be a sock project lying around and they never get worked on frequently enough so they languish.

And this is the most unexciting of sock projects. They were knit in Zwerger Garn Opal Maskenball, on a size 1(2.25mm) and they are plain old top down, slip stitch heel and my new favorite skinny toe. Basically, I reduce the toes to a mere 16 stitches. That allows extra space for my oddly shaped toes. I like it a lot.
And now I want to knit more socks.
But I am prohibiting myself from casting on another pair of socks as I have ordered 2 sets of yarn. One Shetland, one Lopi.
Yes, I broke my rules about new projects and new yarn and so in order to right my knitting karma I am knitting up an already wound skein of handspun that has been cast on multiple times for projects that didn't seem to work and was rapidly becoming known as the skein of fail. 

Knitting karma insisted that I had to get something unfinished completed before I ventured into new territory.
 I didn't forget how many times I had tried and failed with this particular skein of handspun BFL and so I changed my approach. I'm keeping it simple.

It's coming along...

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SJ said...

No matter how many pairs of socks I knit, there's always something super satisfying about kitchenering the toe of that last sock. And self-patterning yarn still entertains me.

Looking forward to seeing what that handspun turns into ...