Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sweater and floors and cats, oh my!

So not too long after my last post, I repacked my suitcases and headed for another vacation but this time in Charleston, SC. A dear friend flew in from South Africa and we headed for the coast and the charm of the South. It was wonderful. Warm with sea breezes, sunny days and good company. I was so sad when she left.
This has been a year for friends and adventures and I count myself as lucky.
The weather hereabouts has been varied, to say the least. A wonderful balmy week followed by grey skies and rain. I enjoy both and as I am 100% certain that we are not heading back into Winter, I am enjoying the lazy days.
Meanwhile I used the opportunity of being out of the house to get the hardwood floors upstairs refinished. I came back to the awful smell of oil finished floors and years and years of accumulated stuff everywhere.

Still, the floors look great. I am a little in love with my house.

Meanwhile I am using this chaos to carefully go through everything and clear it all out. It's going to take forever. A normal and healthy person would just go through everything tossing out what was not needed and moving forward. I have a true horror of wasting everything so a lot of time is spent trying to figure out how to recycle things and make sure nothing is trashed unnecessarily, and my other major hindrance is my extreme sentimentality. I have realized that I can only do this process successfully by doing it in small amounts. When I go downstairs I try to take something out the house, and when I walk into one of the 2 crazy rooms (2 are livable, 2 are chaos) I try to address one small and confined area. It's working for me but it would definitely drive a lot of people crazy.

One of the big jobs that I finished this week was taking a paper bag full of CD's that had jpeg files from 2003 loaded onto them, and getting then uploaded onto my hard drive and onto the cloud. I can now discard the CD's, the CD covers and the paper bag it was in. Such a trivial thing but I've been meaning to do it for years and I love that it no longer occupies space in my home and in my mind.

As far as les tricot goes, I have finished some things and started some more. I have only purchased yarn and fiber twice so far this year. The Hill Country Spinner's Retreat (oh boy, did I blow the budget) and then I bought some of Malcom Fielding's corriedale top as it's heavenly stuff and I wanted some. The Knitmore Girls are having a Spin-A-Long, Knit-A-Long soon and this might be what I choose to spin. If it arrives in time.
I am halfway through the Mondo Cable Pulli. Here is the swatch.

Thrilling stuff, right? I understand that it's just a cream colored swatch, with little of interest. But the yarn is from Brooks farm, Rialta, and is discontinued. I bought it from SAFF last year and I have 4 skeins of the wool, mohair and silk  blend. It's a worsted weight and I'm knitting it with size 6 needles and I think I'm vaguely at gauge. It's meant to be a warm, loose sweater that can be worn with jeans. I've planned on making it since the first evening of SAFF, and it's rather a pleasant feeling that it's being done.
I am also working on a handspun cardigan with size 15 needles! I have never knit with anything that large and I only have a set as they were on sale a few years ago and I got a really good deal. This sweater is either going to be adorable or will need to be frogged immediately. As it has taken me 2 evenings to get halfway through this cardigan, the time invested is minimal and I could deal with a leap in the frog pond. If necessary. Who knows? Maybe I will love it. So far it's incredibly soft.

And of course there is more. But I have errands to run and cucumbers and mint to buy, so that will need to be for another day. Are y'all ok? I have been a poor friend and I'm sorry for it. To make it up to you I leave you with a picture of my irritating cat, Frankie, likes to sleep in beds like people. He's ridiculous.

I did not put him there. That is how I found him. He looked at me and then closed his eyes and went back to sleep. I am of no consequence.


SJ said...

You have been busy! It was very smart to plan your floor refinishing for when you were away; we did ours when I was pregnant and had to stay with my parents (in an impossibly tiny bed) for several days. It was most inconvenient.

I am very much the same way when it comes to stuff and cleaning. I find it hard to throw things away, either due to sentimentality or the concern that I might need something I've tossed, but it's also quite liberating to get read of a huge stack of stuff.

Abby said...

Your floors are beautiful, your cat is hysterical and I completely sympathize with your downsizing issues. I have them too. :) Enjoyed your post - and your pictures.