Thursday, March 27, 2014

Um. Hello?

True confession. I am only writing this because there are two large Eastern European men in my spare bedroom ripping out the disgusting carpet in there. I feel I should be available but don't want to be seen doing nothing while they work. So here, I am.
I have been planning to get the hardwood floors refinished in the upstairs for oh, about as long as I've lived here and they are tackling what I consider a hell of a job with nonchalance and casual ease that is making me rethink my entire approach to life. What it must be to be strong and experienced and not require small breaks every 30 minutes when attempting to do anything home improvement related. They are also getting paid a lot more to do the hardwoods than I would be.

Right now there is a lot of hammering. And they had to move so much junk out of the spare room (I work part time as a hoarder) that I found several items to give away as penance. I even threw out a broken ceramic jelly mould that I can't think for the life of me why I never tossed out.
But the ways of the part time hoarder are mysterious and clouded by Freudian psychology, even to those of us who practise it.

So here I sit. Huddled in the study and typing away to look busy and productive so that my hardwood floor people don't judge me. I'm choosing to ignore how horribly influenced I am by complete strangers' opinions of me and see this as an opportunity to reconcile myself with the long suffering blog.

As far as craft updates go, I am recently back from Texas. The wonderful Hill Country that has now become an enormously important part of my year. I saw my wonderful friends, took daily naps and spent a lot of time reflecting on how much I have learned over the last 4 years of attending this retreat and spending time with these people and Judith Mackenzie. This year the theme was plying and for me personally the parts I learnt the most from were the multi-plies and the woolen spinning. I am slowly coming to terms with long draw and battled through camel cloud, camel top, camel and silk top, and polwarth. Interestingly the easiest for me was the camel cloud. I messed the polwarth up dreadfully on the first go round and then nailed it on the second. The camel top was iffy but I have the feeling that if I tried it again, I would be golden!

So progress. Progress without pictures. I surrendered myself to enjoying this weekend and not feeling the urge to capture it in a photo so that I can keep it forever. Turning 40 has apparently allowed me to let go of things more easily. Either that or I was tired and just didn't care.


Robin said...

Wonderful post ~ thoroughly enjoyed.

SJ said...

I've been wondering where you were! Glad to hear you had such fun at your retreat (the daily naps in particular sound heavenly).

You're going to post pictures when the floors are done, right?