Thursday, January 2, 2014

Looking back and starting to look forward.

And hello from a very cold and rainy day. A grey day. It's also the last day of my brief 6 day vacation. I had one of those vaguely anxious and disturbed nights with little sleep and a lot of waking up and worrying. It is familiar to me from exams, immigration and just general life. Work. It's a privilege but I am shallow enough to dream of winning the lottery…

Anyhow. I've spent a nice enough day with the background soundtrack of Agatha Christie's 'Postern of Fate." It's a Tommy and Tuppence mystery for the Christie fans and I'm rather fond of the two of them. This is the last book she wrote and that seems significant as she was so prolific. It's downloaded from the Audible website and it's narrated by Hugh Fraser. Incidentally he takes the role of Hastings on the BBC recurring series of 'Poirot'. I love this recording, but some random person named Dawn on the Audible website has reviewed it as 'boring'. So now you have my opinion and the mysterious Dawn's. You're on your own.

As far as my goals that I listed for my vacation, I feel like there has been real progress. Of the two items that were on spinning wheels, one is complete.
It's a wonderful batt that I had bought from Judith Mackenzie in March and I forced myself to spin long draw to try and complete the woolen process of making yarn. It's not fine and elegant but I've got decent yardage, and more importantly, a yarn that I want to knit with.

I love this red.

I also finished seaming my Livingstone cardigan. Really, it just needed the collar seamed onto it and the toggles stitched. It fits wonderfully and that was quite by chance because I simply knit a pattern size and hope for the best. Not a swatch in sight. There would be pictures but my phone and I are on the outs. Photos won't upload without tremendous effort on my part, and well frankly it's too cold and grey and too close to going back to work for me to pick a fight with the iPhone.

I have also discarded an entire shopping bag full of yarn. And I don't have a qualm. In fact after working through and packing neatly my stash of yarn and fibre, I wish I could have found more to discard…
I must spin some of this fiber. It's ridiculous!

I still need to finish up the fiber on my Hanson mini spinner but I was lured by a pretty marigold colored braid of merino and by frankly bribing myself by promising to spin it with longdraw as part of my attempt to improve my woolen spinning, I succumbed and popped it on the wheel. I'm hoping to finish it tonight.

So I think that's pretty good. I'm not complaining. I'm thrilled with my toasty new sweater, I'm excited about my woolen yarn and I've started to really clarify what my ambitions are for this year. I think that's a good start.

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SJ said...

The red yarn is gorgeous. What will you make with it?

Can't wait to see the sweater, once you and your phone are getting along again.