Friday, December 27, 2013

Plans and goals and dreaming big

Well Xmas is over. It boiled down to all the gifts getting done, the mince pies NOT getting done, tears on Xmas eve and a nice if somewhat extreme Xmas day. (Rounding on the sick and suffering the morning of Xmas eve is a stark reminder that there is more to be grateful for than there is to regret.)

I have been so busy that knitting and crafting in general have had to be set aside. That seems crazy because just a week or so ago I was leisurely finishing administrative tasks in my pajamas at home and marveling at how wonderful the internet is when it lets you work from home, and then suddenly everything changed.
 But busy is good and allows you to be even happier about the delicious 6 days of decadent nothingness that lies ahead of me. Oh, the plans…

But back to crafting. I elected to churn out various sizes of the same hat, knit in the same yarn with the plan of eventually having a hat for every niece and nephew. They're drying as I type and as soon as I can snap pics, I'll be parading them out here. But that's it.

I am going to make up for all of that over the next 6 days.
Here are my goals.

1. Weave at least 4 tea towels. I have plenty of thick and cheap cotton and I really want to get a nice long warp on the rigid heddle and get these done. They have a deadline.

2. Seam up my alpaca cabled cardigan. Need I say more?

3. Finish spinning the CVM locks AND the batt I am halfway through. There's so much I want to spin but I need to free up some space. Physical and cerebral.

4. Bake mince pies. These will now have to be done before New Year's Eve.

5. Take the kids to see Frozen. I have promised them. I would hate to disappoint them.

6. Reread some of my favorite novels. I don't have the bandwidth to read something new so I've made a pile of my beloved favorites and I'm going to spend some time with these old friends.

7. Clean out the stash. I need to make some decisions about what stays and what leaves. It may be nothing, it may be a lot.

8. Think about my goals for this year. I turn 40 this year coming year. I want to see something accomplished and done. But I don't want to fail at it. And this is how nothing ever gets done. Hopes dashed before you even started by the lingering, leering malevolent threat of failure's voice. Ugh.

PS - I bought a Nook HD. My Kindle charges erratically these days so I thought I would try something new.  It's only a few hours old but my feeling is that it is better value than the Kindle but not a touch on the iPad. I could be wrong. We'll see. Thoughts?


ConundrumChum said...

I set goals I can accomplish. Wear more skirts. Pet the cat more. I feel good about myself.

I agree with the Nook. Kindle never charges well, always feels flimsy where it connects.

SJ said...

Those seem like some perfectly reasonable goals, and I do hope you get to relax and enjoy yourself while you're getting things done.

I think you will really enjoy Frozen. It was the first movie my daughter had seen in the theater and she seemed to really love it (well, most of it -- I think she was ready to be done before it was over).

I've been using the Kindle app on my iPad -- it's perfect when I have to lie in bed with the kid while she's going to sleep -- but sometimes I think I'd like a dedicated e-reader that would be a little lighter. Probably a waste for me, though, seeing as I still love physical books.