Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's Christmas time...

I want a vacation. From December.
I've thought this before and I'm saying it now, I think I am a bear. I feel an incredible urge to slow down and hibernate at this time of year. Shorter, colder days seem to trigger a need to hunker down. The problem is that this is such a busy time of year and there's no hiding from it. Work seems to ramp up, there are Xmas day plans to coordinate and gifts to arrange and family coming into town, leaving town and in my case, sister's having babies! It's madness…
Honestly, although I want to knit all the things, a lot of my free time is now spent snuggling in the evening with the duvet and a book. I'm ok with that,  but it's a sign of my need to find a cave and snore… (See, back to the bear analogy.)
Still, if I think about it, those are amazing problems to have. I am not worried about where I sleep, what I eat (well that's not true as I constantly worry about what I eat) and how to pay the bills. I really am grateful for the few burdens I am asked to carry.

This year my living room is still fully occupied by boxes from my sister's move a few months ago so there won't be a Xmas tree this year. I have a lovely poinsettia and advent candles and that will do. I do have a red Judith Mackenzie batt that I am currently spinning so that adds a little to the festive cheer, but otherwise it's all business as usual around here. (As I type there is a cat head butting my right arm. I'm not sure if he wants me to pet him or just to stop moving my elbow. Cats remain mysterious to me. Regardless, it's annoying.)

There's been some progress in cleaning my corriedale fleece that I purchased at SAFF this year.
It's really lovely stuff. Soft with a lovely fine crimp and and a wonderful selection of colour from light grey to dark grey and some browns.

The ongoing fleece cleaning does have a purpose as there might be a drum carder heading my way in the next few months. It's been planned for a long, long time. One of several Xmas presents to myself. (OK. The cat is driving me nuts. If I don't start to pet him I think he's going to start gnawing on me!)
So although I complain and gripe and grouch, there are good things all around me and plenty of reasons to reflect on gratitude and gratefulness. If I can just get out of bed...

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SJ said...

I feel the exact same way about December. I don't mind the festive holiday part, but the darkness and the cold really start to get to me. I've actually been counting down the days until the winter solstice because I know that means it won't get any darker any earlier after that point. I would really like to hibernate until about March.