Saturday, August 31, 2013

A week or so's reflection...

The last couple of weeks have rushed past me and I could complain and whine but you know, in my first day off from staff in what feels like forever, I'm so delighted at the idea of a no make-up, no hair, no work and NO deadline day, that it's almost worth the 2 weeks of slogging it out.
Today started early as usual but I got to snuggle in a chair with some coffee and then, as the spirit was willing and the flesh was obedient, I headed out to Costco before the crowds arrived, and managed to get gas, purchase a new GPS (the old one finally died) and even hit the Old Navy sale all before 10am. Now I'm back home, software is uploading, and I am having my second cup of coffee.
 I am contemplating what to do next. I am amazed how all the dozens of things that I thought I ought to do, suddenly don't seem as important anymore. Shopping? I can do that tomorrow. Pedicure? No such thing as an urgent one. Bills? Can be paid at 11pm just as easily as 11am.

So my day may degenerate into one of sloth and indulgence... Doesn't that sound nice?

But my last couple of weeks have not been without progress.

I read a book. Or two. Or three. (Actually I read about 6 but three of them were trashy and don't count towards one's life book total.)

I finished a spinning project.

That's 400 yards of a light fingering. (400 yards!!!!) It's the last of the Tour De Fleece stuff that's going to get done this year. A superwash merino from YarnLove called Marianne Roving, in the colourway Cottage Garden.

I bought some buttons. Because they were cute. Can you say Charles Rennie Mackintosh?

I started a new sock while listening to a conference call at work.

I had a bad day and bought a new purse on Etsy. From

I started a new spinning project. CVM locks, washed by Judith Mackenzie and being spun pretty fine. I'm flick carding them open and spinning them from the lock.

And through this fortnight, late at night, and very very early in the morning I would knit to try and carve out some quiet and contemplative time for myself. I knit so much that I gave myself tendonitis. Of the thumb. Swollen and painful, luckily it resolved rapidly.

And the KAL I mentioned before? The Unique Sheep gradient?
It's progressing.

And that's not bad for a week that only had 7 days in it...

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SJ said...

My goodness, you have been busy! I guess when you have time when you don't have to work, you really do make the most of it. I am hoping to do some of that today, because the weekend was spent doing errands, laundry, cleaning, and even a little work from the office. Today is all about relaxing. I will try my best not to give myself tendonitis, though (ouch! hope that thumb heals up soon!).