Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another week, another Stephen West...

Another week gone. I am still searching for an unused surface in my house. I wonder if the bed counts?

It's the first week we've had normal summer weather. And by normal I mean several days of heat and rising humidity, a big thunderstorm and then one beautiful, warm day and the cycle starts again. It was almost a relief to not have day after day of greyness and rain. And most importantly? The sky has been blue. It's more overcast again today but, oh what those blue heavens did for me. Such a pleasure.

I have today off and my goals are humble. I need to go drop something off at UPS, pick up some milk and groceries, and then come home. Dull, I know. But this week will be vastly improved if I can get some laundry done and the mail sorted. I would really like to go for breakfast with friends, get a pedicure and maybe arrange some dinner plans, but that would mean more work and duties postponed and that's going to make me miserable and anxious. So, the dull and mundane it is, and I'm grateful for a day to do it in.

With all that has been going on I've managed to keep myself sane by casting on and finishing some small items. I'm going to share one today and that's a pair of fingerless mitts that I knit from handspun. The fiber is polwarth silk and it was dyed by Judith Mackenzie and handed out at the Texas retreat. Mine was insanely bright red with shots of hot pink, and I spun it into a 3 ply worsted that was a sport weight and approximately 240 yards.

Impossible to photograph well but it is a warm and cheerful colour and I knew I wanted something that would make me smile when I saw it.
It's a poorly kept secret that I adore Stephen West. I think his design is aesthetic is fantastic. I have several of his Westknit books. I chose to knit Coler. Simple, cabled and ribbed mitts that I thought would let the yarn do it's bright and happy business.

It's even more impossible to photograph your own hands in a pair of impossible-to-photograph red mitts. I look like my arms are wider than my hands and I promise you, they're not. Angles and depth perception are lying liars.
Still, it's the best I can so. And the colour is a little truer...
Nothing cheers you up like knitting with handspun, and finishing something!

And speaking of colour, my Camp Loopy 2 is a whole other story...

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SJ said...

The mitts are lovely, and I can think of nothing better than knitting with your own handspun.

I hope your day off went as you hoped!