Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finished and planning...

This needed to happen,

so that these lousy, back-of-the-door pics could happen!

I tried so hard to take a photo of myself wearing it but between the angled iPhone and the bathroom lighting, it was a failure. In modern parlance, epic fail dude!

Still. I'm done with project #2 for Camp Loopy and we're on to planning project #3…

Rules are the following,

#1 - 500 yards plus
#2 - at least 2 colours
#3 - not a pattern that's been knitted before by me

I'm thinking…

Mittens! Fancy colourwork mittens. I am awful at stranded colourwork. Really awful. And so of course that's what I want to do. Road less travelled, blah blah blah…
I'm going for it, and I have these in mind. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm already making grandiose plans to knit these and these.
How I love to set an unrealistic goal.


LaurieM said...

The sweater is lovely! That collar is great. I'd love to see you wearing it.

Tips for mittens:
Start simple, with a small regular pattern repeat.
Try the philosophers wool two handed technique
Blocking cures many ills

SJ said...

Love the sweater! The asymmetrical button band/collar is a nice touch.

Colorwork is very addictive once you start. The biggest hurdle is keeping your tension even. Make sure you keep your floats loose -- you can even work inside out to help with that!

garret said...

You'll do just fine, colorwork is one of those things that look really hard, but is in actuallity, pretty easy. Just do the two handed thing, and pick a simple patterm. Also, try to use worsted weight, which always makes it easier than a sport or sock weight.