Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby's First Surprise

Now there's only one thing cuter than a baby, and that's a baby in a Baby Surprise Jacket…

I think Elizabeth Zimmerman would approve, no?

It's been waiting for buttons for ages. As we didn't know the sex I had used gender neutral autumnal colours (BMFA Sock Candy, colourway Autumn) but I had hesitated before putting on buttons because I knew if it was a girl I wouldn't be happy unless there was something just a little frou-frou…

So these were dug out of the button box yesterday and sewn on in the early hours of the morning.

I think she looks adorable.

I did not have matching thread so if you look carefully you can see the white cotton that was used on the inside lapel. But it's ok. She's a very polite baby and didn't mention it.

And for those who do not approve of pacifiers (dummies if you're South African) well this baby came out sucking her thumb and pacifiers are a lot easy to eventually throw away than thumbs.
(It's funny but after I had seen her in the morning I stopped by at a little baby shop to buy some pink things and grab a few pacifiers and when I brought them to the hospital her Dad said, "Oh no. We're going to avoid that if we can," but my sister, her mum, immediately leaned over to me and said, "He doesn't know it but I've already got 8 at home.")

Anyhow, this baby is so big that she's already filling out her newborn stuff so the BSJ isn't going to fit for very long. But she really does look so cute.

Her sister and brothers think so too.


garret said...

I love the baby, even more with the BSJ on her. Must go with the girly for the girls.

SJ said...

Adorable! Love the combination of the buttons with the yarn. And of course it never looked more perfect than it does on a newborn baby!

Re: the pacifier, I read all those things about how you're not supposed to use one right away because it'll interfere with nursing. Um, yeah. My daughter used one and nursed until she was 16 months. Sometimes they just need to suck.