Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Socks that rock and more...

I've joined a new club. A sock club. The Socks That Rock club. I've thought about it for years but the timing has been wrong or I was already in too many clubs or some other reason. But this year I dropped my fibre club (as I already am fully stocked with fibre) and was ready for a new challenge.

So here we are.

My first sock club package.

There are a lot of rules about this club so I hope that I'm not breaking them. I really don't want to be the person who ruins everything…

The colourway is called HRH Crown Princess of Purple Violetta, and there is both a sock pattern and a mitten pattern. There are many buttons involved as well, not to mention several pages discussing purple and why it was chosen to be this month's colour.
I'm a big fan of surprises in the mail, and at one stage I owned a pair of pajamas this colour. (I believe Bertie Wooster would refer to them as heliotrope.) I think I'm going to make the socks.
Such fun!

On a more serious note my patient that I spoke of in the last post and I sat down and talked. I asked her if she was ready. I had spent a sleepless night worrying about her and I didn't know what to do with all this worry and fear on her part.
She said this to me.
 " I think I am ready. I won't know for sure until I get there. But I have faith."
And so if that is enough for her, it must be enough for me.
Her family has my card and I have told them to call if the children need anything. There really is not much else I can do to protect them from this loss.
 The truth is I'm not sure if I want them to call or not. I want to help, but I am scared of remembering all of this. We'll see what happens.
Today she was busy getting a procedure done and every time I went to see her she was out of her room.
 I think about her a lot through the day.
 I'm not the only one either. Her oncologist called me today and I think she too has also been truly shaken by all of this.
 I'm not sure if I lived to be a hundred I could ever be the sort of catalyst for self reflection and thought that this poor, sweet, suffering lady has been for so many of us.
 I wonder if she is even aware of how many people she has touched and changed so inadvertently? Partly because of the terrible situation she is in, and partly because of her quiet, gentle nature.

Anyhow, I'm sorry if this seems a strange combination of knitting and grief, but life is odd and at the saddest times, you can find the silliest things uplifting.

PS - Inside the ball band of this skein of yarn that I received today is written the word "Faith". Somehow that seems so appropriate.


SJ said...

I've been thinking about your patient, too. She's not that much younger than me, and like her, I also have a young child. It's hard not to think about what it might like to be in her place. It really is heartbreaking, but it sounds like she's approaching the situation in the best way she knows how. I have to think that it helps her to know that you care.

Love the yarn, by the way. I was in the RSC for two years (until I ODed on socks!) and really enjoyed it.

garret said...

Really puts this all into perspective.

Jane Prater said...

You are a remarkable person, stripey spots. Compassionate, filled with wit and humor, aware of Bertie Wooster. I love your way with words.