Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's up with tuesday?

Today was almost good. I've been working until midnight for the last week trying to get a presentation done for today. I chose a topic that was really overwhelming and 25 hours of work later I still felt woefully inadequate. Today was the day. I also had to go watch my Quality Improvement team present their data. (Question - Do you use data as plural or singular? )
Their presentations went well, mine seemed fine and the afternoon's allotment of work went swimmingly. I was finished by 4.
So I went to my office, packed my bags and looked for my car keys.
 They were gone. Nowhere to be found.
 I retraced my steps. I checked my car. I called Security and something called "Environmental".
Finally I called my Dad. Thirty-seven years old and my Dad picked me up.
Still no keys to be found.
Oh, hell.

I am now home. I have a large glass of dry lemon and gin. I have the Brett Baier show on and am about to start knitting. I'm going to knit until I feel like the world is manageable again. I may have another lemon and gin. I intend to do very, very little tonight other than lie on the bed and recover. And knit.

As something nicer to ponder than my sadly inept day, can I show you the fibre that Judith MacLenzie dyed? For me. (She died stuff for everybody but try and focus on the fact that she dyed something for me.)
It's Corriedale and it was initially dyed in reds and pinks and then overdyed in blue.

I did spin it. A nice chunky 3 ply, navajo style. I didn't want to lose any of those colours.

Let me show you more.

I may look at that yarn a little tonight. It might just make things better.


garret said...

On the days where things like that happen, it is best to just hunker down, and to try and avoid anything that could cause something else bad to happen.

Yarn looks great. And I would try to foucus on the fact that she dyed something for you.

Robin said...

What a treasure that yarn is!

imho ~ "data" is singular when referring to Mr. Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

It are plural in all remaining references ;)