Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good Moods

I am in a good mood. I woke up this way. One of the little miracles of human existence.
You go to bed having had a fight with your sister, a miserable sense that your house and home is chaotic and disorganized (much like your pathetic life) and that even the misery grocery shop (including ice cream and muffins) didn't make you feel better, and the guilt walk to burn off the calories ended prematurely because somebody has just seeded some grass right where you would normally plod through and so you didn't burn off the extra pounds, and then having woken up in the middle of the night after having a terrible nightmare in which somebody was stabbing your whole family and falling back to sleep with a wish and a prayer and a few quick tears, you wake up and it's all ok.
That may be pathological but I choose to believe it's one of my miracles. I don't mean I performed it, I just mean it was meant specifically for me.

And I don't mean to waste this feeling. I have opened windows and doors to let this spring (albeit a little cool) air in, and I have had 2 cups of tea already. There are no plans to leave this house. Somedays you just have to decide to not run errands, not make plans, not spend money and instead potter quietly around in your home, finishing spinning the fiber you have on the wheel (done), folding laundry (half done) and filing away the papers that clutter my office (to be done). I have an audiobook to get me through the office reorganisation and then this evening I'm going to go to bed early and read my book. I may even go to Mass. We'll see.

And there have been some developments on the bedroom front as well. This arrived 2 weeks early.

And do you know I forgot to buy a base for it? So that will be added to the list....

And there are some fabric samples. One of these will become the fabric on a wingback chair I bought at a consignment store a couple of years ago.

And there are some more paint samples on the wall. I should tell you that the curtain fabric is hanging from the window, and the other bolt of fabric is for a headboard that I am having made. After 7 years of getting my hair caught in the intricate curves of my IKEA headboard, I am going for a soft padded cushiony headboard that will let me read in comfort.

And last, but not least, I picked up some cross stitch from the framers that I had finished in 2004 but only  framed in 2011! (To all things a time I guess). I did this when I was travelling across England and Wales in my little red Rover, waking up and working in new places every few months and really needing something to keep me busy during those long, lonely months. I think sometimes the secret to survival is to keep busy. Until it's all over. And then you can flop down on the couch and await the next crisis!

So that's it for the end of this week. Goodness prevailed.


garret said...

A smooth headboard is a good thing. I don't have a head board, and my hair is about an inch long, so I never really have that problem, but still, it does make for much easier reading.

Sydney said...

The cross stitch is so lovely!

Amanda said...

I like the fabric sampler that is second from the left.

The Cross stitch is excellent.

Jane Prater said...

I love all the blues and greys you are planning.